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Alaskas Energy and Ventilation Standard

4 CEUs - Alaska Residential Contractors - Course #7825
4 CEUs - Alaska Home Inspectors - Course #8498
4 CEUs - AK Mechanical Administrators - 2012 IMC - #15403 (After 6/21/2016)
4 CEUs - AK Mechanical Administrators - Mechanical Code -  #16393 (After 12/31/17)

Learn what is required in Alaska to meet our current Energy & Ventilation Standard for all residential structures. In addition to calculation ventilation needs of structures based on square footage and occupant load, components from the International Energy Code are also covered.  This class is a must for anyone wanting to make sure their houses are built tight to be energy efficient and ventilated correctly to avoid occupant complaints, building deterioration and safety issues.

This is the class that was formerly titled the BEES Standard. Alaska has adopted the International Energy Code and ASHRAE Standard 62.2-2010 for an energy and ventilation standard.  These two documents make up what is the new BEES standard. 

This course is approved for 4 continuing education credits in the State of Alaska for Residential Endorsement Contractors, 4 continuing education credits for Alaska Home Inspectors, and 4 hours of continuing education mechanical credit for Mechanical Administrators.


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