Wisdom and Associates

Combustion Safety Testing

2 CEUs AK Journeyman Plumbers - Industry Related Credit - #16337 (Through 12/31/19)
2 CEUs -Plumbing Credit - Alaska Mechanical Administrators #15183 (beginning 5/26/2016)
2 CEUs - Alaska Residential Endorsement Contractors #10829
2 CEUs - Alaska Home Inspectors #10815

This course focuses on basic safety testing of combustion appliances. Procedures to determine whether an appliance drafts under worse case conditions or under any condition will be reviewed. Proper use of the digital manometer, draft gauges, chemical smoke, and techniques for resolving pressure problems will be emphasized. This is not a combustion appliance repair course but is about identifying existing problems.

This is an online course, you will have seven days to complete the course upon purchase.