Wisdom and Associates

EPA Non-Certified Worker Lead Training

Are you a certified EPA Lead Renovator who has taken the 8 hours of training?  As you know from class, you cannot certify other people, however, you can train workers under you to preform some of the lead safe work practices under your certification. 

The EPA is very specific in what you must train your non-certified workers in.  We have taken all the work out of it for you and have put together this online presentation that will cover everything you need to train your non-certified workers under your EPA certification. 

This online course is a power point presentation with an instructor voice over walking your students thru each slide and explaining concepts and practices.  There is also an attachment within this class of a PDF file that you can print out and sign to keep on file showing EPA Compliance in training your non-certified workers.  Everything you need to train your workers is right here. 

You may train as many individuals as you need with this course, however, you will only have access to this course and it's documents for 7 days.  At the conclusion of the seventh day from your purchase the class will close and you will no longer be able to access it.