Why Use Online Education?

Online education has many advantages.  While the cost of the classes initially seem higher, lets look at the break down. 

Item In Person Online
Class Fee (8 Hours) $350 $320
Night's Stay @ Hotel $110 n/a
Meals $80 n/a
Travel $30-$100 n/a
Lost Day's Work $100 - $1000 n/a
Total $670 - $1640 $320


In other words, a day of classes is costing you between $440 and $1930 a day, where as if you take online education you can do it on your schedule (you won't have to miss work or other jobs) and from you home (which means you don't have travel and lodging expenses). Online education while it looks like it is more expensive for the class is actually less expensive because you don't have the other associated costs that go along with an in person class.  By taking online education you can save yourself between $120 and $1610. 

Online education also gives you a chance to work through class material at your own pace.  If you miss a concept or you would like to rework an example you can do so without holding a class up, or the instructor not going back through material because of time constraints.  The presentations that we offer online are the same presentations that we have with our in person classes and the script for the class is almost identical to what the instructor tries to cover in class.  You can't loose with online education, we think you gain more from the class.