How Does Online Education Work?

Wisdom & Associates, Inc. has a variety of classes approved for many different building industry trades.  When an individual finds a class that fits the approval for their license type, the purchase is made through an electronic store which takes all the customer information and changes a credit card.  Upon charging of a valid credit card two e-mails are automatically generated.  One is an invoice with a username and password, the second e-mail is a link to the purchased class(es).  The user then typically has 7 days to complete their two to four hour course. 

The course itself is a self playing presentation with an instructor voice over that explains presented materials and animations.  Throughout the presentation there are quiz questions that are designed to help you identify key concepts covered in the presentation.  These quizzes are self grading and will give you instant feed back on whether you got the answer write, or if you get the answer wrong it will tell you which slides you need to go back and review to understand a concept.  The presentation is set so you can view the presentation at your own pace.  If you missed a concept you can go back, or if you need to quit a session and come back to it later the program will automatically start from where your previous session ended. 

Once a course has been viewed in its entirety and all the quiz questions have been taken, and a score of 70% or greater was achieved, a certificate is automatically generated at the end of the presentation that you can use as poof that you have completed continuing education for your license renewal. 

The great thing about online education is that everything is automated and you can complete the buying and viewing of a class all from the comfort of your own home at any time day or night.  If you have questions regarding how to register for a class or anything related to online education please call us Monday through Friday 4 am to 5 pm Alaska Time
at 907-283-0629 or you can e-mail us here .