Online Course Demo

Want to know how our course work? We understand that online education is still new for most of us - so we've put together a short demonstration so you can see if your computer system is compatible with our online education before you pay for a class. Click the link above to view the demonstration, and read below for more information about how the class is delivered.

Click Here To View A Free Demonstration Of How Classes Are Delivered

Just Like You Were In A Classroom!

Our classes are delivered just as if you were in the classroom. The presentation is self playing and automatically moves through the slides, with an instructor talking you through every slide. This means there is no reading of material and answering questions later. Our instructors explain concepts and add real life experiences, all with the help of pictures and diagrams of real situations from the field.

What Should I See When I Click The Demo?
Make sure you can see the presentation forwarding slides automatically, and hear the instructor walking you through the slides. If you're having trouble making the demo come up, make sure you don't have a pop-up-blocker that is blocking the window from automatically coming up.


Color Diagrams & Jobsite Photos
Our code classes are not the same boring code classes that you've had in the past. We're inspectors first and educators second. For the last 16 years we've been in the field with you so we know how important it is to bring the field back into the classroom. The way we accomplish this is by using color diagrams and photos to explain how the code applies in the real life situations we all come across in the field.

Still have questions? Please feel free to contact us here, we welcome questions!