Building Techniques for Cold Climates & Residential Endorsement Test Prep

Course Description
These three day of classes are a combination of what is required for those seeking to obtain a Residential Endorsement Contractors license for the State of Alaska (the Building Techniques for Cold Climates class) and what will help you on the exam (the Residential Endorsement Test Prep Class).  The first two days of class, the Building Techniques for Cold Climates covers the basics in building science including: building planning; foundations; construction techniques for floors, walls and roofs; windows; heating systems; ventilation; indoor air quality; and much more.  This class also comes with a full color 100 page reference guide that you can refer back to after the class is over. 

The third day of class goes over material that will be helpful on the exam, offers a review of math and takes you thru several practice exams to help you identify what areas you need to study up on prior to your exam. This class also comes with a study guide to help you study before the exam, even after class is over.


State of Alaska Residential Endorsement Licensing
If you are an individual interested in obtaining your residential endorsement contractor's license, this is the package deal of two class (totaling three days) to assist you in applying for your residential endorsement contractors license. In the state of Alaska you are required to one; complete a 16 hour cold climate course, and two; take and pass a written examination offer by PSI. We've helped a lot of people get their residential endorsement contractor license. Give us a call if you have questions on how to navigate the process of getting your license!

Length of Class
3 Days - 24 Hours

Upcoming Dates & Locations
November 3, 4 & 5, 2022 - Anchorage - to register please click here

Please note that we are also offering this class online in a self paced course available now (you don't have to wait for the in person November date!). This is the same presentation taking approximately 24 hours of your time to complete the material. If you are interested in getting registered for the ONLINE Cold Climate/Test Prep class, you can email or call us at the information below.

(to register please call 907-283-0629 or email

Required Books for Residential Endorsement Test Prep
There is a set of books required for the Residential Endorsement Test Prep portion of this class. These are the same books that you are able to take into the open book exam with PSI (the state licensing exam). We do require that you have this set of books for the guaranteed pass policy. A complete list of the books can be found in the PSI Candidate Information Bulletin which can be found here (it is page 7 of the document for the list of required books).

You have several options for these books.
- You can borrow them from a friend as long as they are the same versions listed in the PSI literature. You will need all the books and unfortunately we are unable to sell single books from a missing set.

- You can rent the books from Wisdom & Associates, Inc. We buy these books in bulk and receive a small discount that we pass onto you. As a convenience to you we have a rental program where we collect a $600 deposit for the books and if you return them to us within 10 days of completing your exam we will refund you $450 thereby costing you $150 to rent the books from us for your exam. Should you decide to keep the books to build your construction library, the cost is the deposit. Please note the book fee is in addition to the class fee and we will need to know if you are renting from us in advance of the class to assure that we have enough materials.

Guaranteed Pass Policy
Wisdom & Associates, Inc. offers a guaranteed pass policy for their Building Techniques for Cold Climates & Residential Endorsement Test Prep students. Our policy states that if you take all three days of the class with Wisdom & Associates, Inc. with the required Test Prep books and take the PSI exam within 10 days of the class and fail the PSI exam, you can come back and take one or all three days of the class within a one year period until you do pass the PSI exam. This policy does not cover the cost of testing or other expenses that may be incurred (ie travel), however, our first time pass rate of the PSI exam is extremely high and we have confidence that you'll find this class helpful in obtaining your residential endorsement license.

Registering for the PSI Exam
Upon registering for this class you will need to register for a PSI exam within 10 days of your class for the guarantee pass policy. The cost of the exam is $150 and you will need to set up an account and register with PSI to select a test date and location. Signing up with PSI can be done here.

The cost of this class is $650.
Payment is due at the time of registration. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover..
If a course is full you will be alerted prior to payment that the class is full and if you continue you will be placed on a standby list. If there is a cancellation in the class prior to the start of the class date we take the next person on the standby list. If you register for a class and you are denied entry due to availability of seating we will refund your registration deposit in full at any time, no later than the day of class.

Refund Policy
If you purchase this course in error please contact us immediately here.
Our full refund and cancellation policy can be found here.

Continuing Education Approval
This course is currently approved for continuing education for these states:
Alaska - 16 CEUs - Residential Endorsement Contractor #6875
Alaska - 16 CEUs - Home Inspectors #8507

Contact Our Office
Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding this course or call us at 1-888-252-6045.