Combustion Safety Testing - AHFC Sponsored

Course Description
This course focuses on basic safety testing of combustion appliances. Procedures to determine whether an appliance drafts under worse case conditions or under any condition will be reviewed. Proper use of the digital manometer, draft gauges, chemical smoke, and techniques for resolving pressure problems will be emphasized. This is not a combustion appliance repair course but is about identifying existing problems. You'll cover predicting how house tightening or duct repair will cause problems and predicting how house tightening or duct repair will cause problems or make existing problems worse.

Prerequisites: This class has prerequisites of Basic Blower Door.

Length of Class
1 Day - 8 Hours

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Continuing Education Approval
Alaska - 8 Hours Residential Endorsement Contractors #8781
Alaska - 8 Hours Home Inspectors #8750
Alaska - 8 Hours Mechanical Administrators #8883
BPI - Building Performance Institute Continuing Education

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