AEE - Certified Energy Auditor Class

Course Description
This course is the three day course that is a requirement of the Association of Energy Engineers in addition to passing an exam for the Certified Energy Auditor credential. This class is designed to add to your knowledge in the energy auditing field and act as a prepertory course for the Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) credential. Fundamental knowledge in evaluating how energy is being used in a facility, and identifying where consumption can be reduced are addressed in this class. Useful calculation methods and practical examples are used throughout the class to demonstrate concepts. Auditing basics while put in the context of the 'bigger picture' are emphasized in this class to ultimately help you reduce a building's bottom line in energy usage.

This class is one requirement in obtaining the CEA credential, AEE Eligibility requirements must be met (click here for a list of what those requirements are) AND a written examination must also be passed (click here to register for the exam).


Length of Exam
3 Days - 8 hours each day

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