State Applications

Applying for the License

If you are apply for a General Contractor with a Residential Endorsement license there are actually applying for two separate licenses, and both sets of paperwork must be completed in order to have a General Contractor Residential Endorsement license.  You will be applying for the General Contractor license (excluding residential) and the Residential Endorsement license.  The reason for this is the General Contractor license has the insurance and bonding requirements attached to it and the Residential Endorsement is like an add on to that license. 

If You Already Have An Existing Contractor License
If you already have a General Contractor Excluding Residential license you can simply fill out the form for the Residential Endorsement and include the information on your current general contractor license.  If you are a Specialty Contractor you can fill out an Upgrade Form that changes your Specialty Contractor License into a General Contractor Excluding Residential license and pay only the difference in those two licenses instead of paying for a new General Contractor's license.  If you have either license previously you will still need to fill out the Residential Endorsement Application to obtain the full license.

To access these forms to apply for a license type please visit the State of Alaska's Department of Occupational License here.